Christmas Sellers Package

Did you know that more properties are viewed on the property portals over the Christmas holidays than at any other time of the year? Houses really need to be on the market during this time to take full advantage of this increased interest. Yet, from a practical point of view, many sellers prefer to wait until the new year before they put their home on the market as the thought of staging their home for sale and viewings during the festive season, with decorations, gifts and extra family using every bit of living space is just too much!

At Saxon Shore, we understand that having your home marketed over this period is far from ideal. So we have put together our Christmas Sellers package. Register to sell by 11th December and we will photograph your home before you put up your decorations. We will then begin marketing your property from Christmas Eve, ensuring that you are able to benefit from this seasonal increase in traffic. Viewings will start from January, ensuring you have had time to enjoy the festive season knowing that your home will have had the attention it deserves without the hassle you just don't need.