Lovey's Tale

From the scrap heap to estate agent. The tale of a very special butcher's bike

Faversham Hop Festival

This weekend sees the 27th Faversham Hop Festival which has to be the highlight of Faversham's annual events calendar. The festival began in 1990 as Faversham's response to the increasingly popular Rochester Sweeps Festival.

Saxon Shore - Cheaper than you realise

Quality marketing doesn't have to break the bank. Why not find out why you can afford to sell with Saxon Shore Estate Agents

Saxon Shore Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our two Facebook competitions

House Hunting Horrors

Have you ever encountered anything strange when viewing a property? It seems that I in 5 property viewers have. So we have complied a list of 10, more common than you would. think bizarre viewing experiences

Out Of Town Buyers

Kent has become a very attractive proposition for out of town buyers, particularly London buyers, who are able to cash in on their properties giving the far more space for their budget

"How much do you charge?" - The Last question you should ask an estate agent

Many people when enquiring about buying or selling a property will begin by asking about fees. The purpose of this question is simple, this saves time and will ensure they are getting the best deal possible when selling their home...

Why is it important to have accompanied viewings?

Estate agents are often accused of over promising and under delivering, and in many cases rightly so. A good example of this is the promise most agents make when they are trying to gain your business that they will accompany all viewings...

Welcome to Saxon Shore

Welcome one and all to Saxon Shore, Over the next few years you will get to know me and my thoughts on the local and national property market via my regular blog and newspaper editorials...