Why you should use Instagram to sell your home

Do you use Instagram? Here's why we do

Burns Night

January feels a long month, and after all of the festivities over Christmas it feels a dull month.  So, we quite enjoy celebrating Burns Night, it’s the perfect excuse to spend time with friends and eat some wholesome warming food. 

A Tale Of Two Kings

Two Stewart Kings visited houses in Court Street, but they experienced very different versions of Faversham hospitality.

How To Beat Blue Monday

Tips to get through Blue Monday

Seven easy mistakes to make when it comes to selling your home

Selling your home is rarely straight forward, we've put together a list of seven mistakes you'll want to avoid if you are planning to put your home on the market this year.

Happy Birthday Saxon Shore! (what a year that was)

Can you believe it? Saxon Shore is one year old today! Here's a brief look back at some of our highlights from the past twelve months

Happy New Year (how's the head?)

The party's over and now it's time to think about buying a new home in 2018. This can feel a little daunting, it's difficult to know where to start when you are buying a new home, so here are some tips to get you moving this year.

How To Market Your Home This Christmas

Christmas is traditionally the busiest time for buyers looking at buying a home, but marketing your home over the holidays is not the easiest task. Read our top 8 tips on how to market your home over the Christmas period.

Faversham and the Gunpowder Plot

If you are going to a firework display this year, you may be surprised to learn that Faversham played a big part in this annual event

Ghosts of Faversham - A Halloween Special

As we approach Halloween in Faversham you may be surprised to learn that Faversham is one of the UK's most haunted towns. Read on to find out about some of our ghostly residents