Faversham Literary Festival

Faversham’s inaugural Literary Festival is taking place this weekend, with the first event taking place tomorrow night.  From a quick glance at the programme you can see there is something for everyone including several children’s events.

Saxon Shore are supporting this fantastic new event and hope to see it grow in the future.  We are also very proud that one of our vendors, Briony Dixon, local children’s author, is one of fabulous authors taking part. 

Briony says:

“I've always loved writing stories, when I was a kid, I used to write plays and make my sister and next door neighbour perform them to our parents.  I love drawing too and have an obsession for picture books so it is sort of a dream fulfilled.”

Briony is currently marketing her latest book 'Sleuths, Snoops and Surprises' and will introduce you to the characters Mr Sleuth, his friend Mr Snoop and some cunning spy tricks and disguises as part of her event this Saturday (24th February) at the Guildhall from 1pm.


To find out more about Briony Dixon follow her at:

Instagram - @brionyjdixon 

Facebook - @brionydixonauthor   

Pinterest - brionyjdixon 

Website - www.brionydixon.com