Seven easy mistakes to make when selling your home

Seven easy mistakes to make when it comes to selling your home:

Mistake 1

Price – It’s easy to be tempted to put your house on the market for too much money.  Don’t be tempted to take a punt or list it too high to gage interest! Buyers are generally quite market savvy and will be turned off by a home that is priced too high. Overpriced homes generate less viewings than those with a realistic asking price.

Mistake 2

Guide price – Buyers don’t like houses that list with a guide price, such as £220,000 - £240,000 and it leads to confusion from the start.  Buyers will expect to offer lower and vendors hope to achieve the higher.  Think of the lowest price you hope to achieve and price realistically above this.

Mistake 3

Speed is key – With so much competition on the property portals it’s important that you make the most of the first few days when the most buyers will see your listing.  You will want to ensure your listing converts into viewings by ensuring your home is priced realistically and that you have professional photography and engaging and descriptions so that buyers will want to see more.

Mistake 4

Upfront fees – Don’t pay someone to sell your home upfront.  In our experience, this removes all motivation for your agent to sell your home.  Agents selling on a no sale, no fee basis are much more likely to work hard to see your sale through to the end.

Mistake 5

Decoration – Many people are tempted to redecorate their entire home before they put it onto the market, this is rarely necessary as buyers will want to make the property their own.  If you do want to get the brushes out, just a freshen up with calm, neutral colours is all that is needed.

Mistake 6

Relying on Rightmove.  Rightmove and all the other property portals is a great way to get your property in front of a very large audience very quickly and is a fantastic tool for agents to have at their disposal.  However, the portals should NEVER be solely relied on as at peak times 10’s or 100’s of houses can be added at the same time, it is easy for your home to be overlooked (particularly if the photographs don’t stand out).  Ask your agent how else they will market your home to ensure that it gets seen by as many motivated buyers as possible.

Mistake 7

Instructing the wrong agent.  This can be costly, especially during times of market uncertainty.  With everyone promising the world and assuring you that they have buyers waiting to buy your home it’s tempting to go with the cheapest fee or highest valuation.  Our advice is to compile a list of questions for your agent and go with your gut, selling a house is a stressful time, you want to be sure you trust and feel able to approach the person you have instructed to sell your biggest asset.  Here are a few points you should consider when choosing an agent:

  • Local knowledge. Do they live and work in the area? How well do they know it?
  • Database of applicants. All agents will say they have access to any number of applicants, ask some questions about this database, where do they come from?
  • Marketing. How and where do they market properties?
  • What success rates do they have selling homes?
  • Do they accompany viewings?
  • Why you should choose them?
  • What fee do you charge?

Avoid these simple pitfalls and with a bit of luck you will able to achieve a good offer quickly and start planning your next move.