Saxon Shore is a family business. It’s run by brother and sister team Richard Gates and Liz Jeffery. 

Richard began life as an estate agent in 1999 Where he worked for corporate agencies managing branches across Kent.  In 2010, disillusioned by the corporate shift from customer service towards target driven business Richard decided to branch out on his own and set up an estate agency business from his home in Thanet. 

Liz has a wealth of business experience across a broad range of business sectors including online marketing and business development.  She provided social media support to a range of businesses including a local estate agency. This gave her the beginnings of an idea for a different kind of estate agents that focused on marketing and used social media to really engage with their customers.

Late in 2016 Richard, following a change in family circumstances wanted to move back to the Faversham area, the siblings put their combined experience together and Richard joined Liz as she created Saxon Shore.

“One day we realised our combined experience complimented each other.  We decided to build something together that would not only be fresh and exciting, but be something to pass on to our children.

Family is important to us, as is the area we live and work in.  We love this corner of Kent - it’s in our bones.  When we were thinking of a name for the business we wanted something that was local and that showed how rooted in the area we are.

Saxon Shore fitted the bill as well as being somewhere we love to wander along and draw inspiration.”

By the summer of 2017 business was booming and Kim Ellis joined the team.  Kim came with a wealth of experience having been in the industry since 2006.  Kim is very much part of the family now and very passionate about the ethos behind Saxon Shore.